Sleeping at RAK Marrakech airport

Sleeping at RAK airport

Nowadays, with flights departing earlier in the morning, sometimes you have to be at the airport in the middle of the night, so many people decide to arrive the night before and locate a comfortable chair to relax and possible get some shut eye. So is RAK Marrakech airport suitable for sleeping overnight?

If you try to sleep at RAK Marrakesh airport you may experience a variety of issues. The plastic seating areas are not the best for comfort to sleep on, and they are usually located next to noisy passageways and doors. When sleeping at the airport, especially on the floor, you may be awakened and asked to move by security.

However, sometimes you may need to stay at the airport overnight. In that case, try to come as prepared as possible.

Consider sleeping items whenever you travel.

Many travellers like to be well prepared so as to get the best sleep that is possible at the airport. Here are a few items they like to have in their travel bags:

  • noise-canceling earbuds or headphones
  • an eye mask to reduce light
  • foam neck rest
  • sweatshirt or mini blanket to keep you warm
  • clean extra socks and pants
  • water container
  • snacks
Sleeping at RAK Marrakech airport

Keep your belongings safe.

Airports should be safe and generally they are, but please do not invite potential problems with your baggage. Keep your money and passports on your person tucked away safely or inside a secure zipped pocket in your backpack. Then use your pack as a base for a pillow if possible so that if anything happens you will wake immediately. Try to form a loop with your arm and handles so they cannot be easily removed without disturbing you.

Set an alarm.

You never want to miss your flight, therefore it is important that you set an alarm. It is a good idea to set multiple alarms giving you plenty of time to get through security and get to the departure gate.

Sleeping at Marrakesh airport is an option and is fine as long as you come prepared and are willing not to get the best nights sleep. If not, there is always the hotels fairly close to the airport.

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