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It’s easy to compare car hire at Marrakech Airport. Use the search box above to find the best Summer/Autumn 2024 offers and book your rental car from RAK Marrakech Airport. You will have a wide variety of rental companies to choose from.

Car rental companies can be found in the Arrivals Hall of both terminals. Hertz, Rhodium, Sixt, Inter Rent, Europcar, Top Car, Thrifty, Goldcar, Rhodium, and Enterprise are all here at Marrakech airport.

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Marrakech Car Hire – Explore

Marrakech is a fantastic tourist destination in Morocco and is filled with vibrant colours, patterns, sounds, and aromas. There is nothing better than hiring a car to make it even more enjoyable. The best method to get around Marrakech is to rent a car, and you can also use it to visit the gorgeous natural areas and resorts around Marrakech. It is a region that is best explored by car due to frequent public transportation delays.

You are less likely to get lost and run out of fuel thanks to a well-maintained roads with frequent fuel stations. Obviously the cities are like any other city, crowded and can be very busy at peak travel times. Once out of the cities the open roads are there for exploration. You will share the road with people on bicycles, slow moving donkeys, and breathtaking scenery.

Generally speaking, a 4×4 hire is not necessary while renting a car in Morocco, unless you want to delve deep into the remote Atlas mountains. In Morocco, a compact 2WD can traverse almost all roads.

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Book in Advance

It’s usually preferable to reserve your Marrakech hire car well in advance because you’ll have access to a far wider selection of cars with much lower rates.

The advantages of booking in advance your car is that it saves you the time it would take visiting several car agencies at Marrakech Airport. To compare prices and offers from all the many car rental agencies in Marrakech airport, use the comparison tool above.

The kind of vehicle you require will mostly depend on how many of you are travelling, your spending limit, how much luggage you will be bringing, and what parts of Morocco you will be seeing. For groups of seven or more, it could be more cost-effective to divide your group into two and rent two compact cars or mid-sized cars. If you have a small family, a Peugeot 308 or other vehicle of a comparable size can be the ideal choice. Planning ahead to allow enough room for everyone’s luggage is a good idea.

Advantages of car hire at Marrakech

Advantages of Car Hire at Marrakech Airport

On your visit, hiring a vehicle might provide you the opportunity to thoroughly explore the lovely area in and surrounding Marrakech. Unfortunately, it can also end up being incredibly overpriced if you’re not careful. However, if you are aware of the pitfalls to avoid, you will enjoy your hire car without paying too much. Take into consideration the following factors to significantly reduce the price of your car hire:

1. Refrain from buying optional extras because they will significantly raise the overall cost of your car rental.

2. Any additional insurance acquired at the car hire desk is typically very expensive, so be sure of the type you need and arrange this before you travel.

3. Consider which option is ideal for your particular needs when selecting your fuel policy.

4. Before you sign the contract, read it to make sure it doesn’t include any products or extras you don’t require.

5. Hire a small compact car for Marrakech city breaks. They will be easier to manoeuvre and park in congested areas.

6. Book early online – prices tend to increase the later you leave it.

Fuel Policies

Depending on the kind of rental agreement you select, fuel policy costs can vary greatly. Nowadays, the majority of businesses do not include a full tank of fuel in the cost of your car rental. You must therefore take the time to read the small print and weigh your options. Below, we’ve provided explanations of some of the most popular fuel policies to assist clear up any confusion:


This requires that you pick up and return your hire car with a full tank. Just remember to fill up before returning your car; if you don’t, you’ll probably be charged for a full tank, regardless of how much gas is left in it. Even though you may initially pay more, this choice usually ends up being the least expensive option.


This requires that you pick up your hire car from Marrakech Airport with a full tank of fuel and return it with an empty tank. Since the rental car company sets the fuel price, it may be higher than what you would spend at the pump. Those who will be staying for more than a week and driving a lot should opt for this type of policy.


When you pick up your hire car, it will be completely filled and you will be responsible for paying the full price. Once again, the hire car company determines the cost of petrol. However, the cost of the remaining fuel will be assessed and returned to your card after deducting a specified admin fee from the rental agreement when you return the car.

Tips when returning the rental car to Marrakech airport

Ask the person checking the car to ensure that it was returned without any damage and with the right amount of fuel when you drop off your car at the airport.

Take a couple photographs (including one of the fuel gauge) to show that you returned the car in excellent condition. This is particularly important if you return it after business hours when no staff members are on duty.

Check your credit card statements a few days after you get home to make sure the excess limit has been removed and you haven’t been charged more than you anticipated. If there are any unforeseen fees, immediately dispute them with the rental agency and provide photographic proof to support your case.

Driving in Morocco

Speed limits:
Urban speed limit is 60 km/h.
100 km/h outside of urban areas, including motorways
120 km/h on highways (tolled roads)

If you are involved in an accident, you are legally required to stay at the incident and not move your car until the police arrive.

When collecting your car hire, ask what the procedure is if you break down. Morocco has no national breakdown service, so you’ll have to rely on a local recovery service and garage to get your car fixed. However most towns and villages have a garage for repairs.

Roads in Morocco

The Roads in Morocco

Morocco has an excellent network of roads linking all the major towns and cities. With the exception of the high Atlas Mountains and the region near the country’s south, most of Morocco’s major highways are in good condition. Therefore, if you stick to the roads and avoid going off-road, then you will not need a 4×4 vehicle.
The cities can be an adventure to drive through. They are crowded with cars, buses, motorcycles, carts, and pedestrians.
It’s useful to know that honking a car horn is a way to communicate in Morocco. It can indicate a variety of things, such as to move aside or express gratitude to someone for allowing you to pass. Do not hesitate to try it!
Driving at night can be a challenge even if you are a skilled driver. Many roads outside the cities do not have street lighting. At night animal life comes to life, with dogs, donkeys and people walking along the tarmac roads.It’s also common to see cars without lights when driving; this is because driving at speeds under 20 km/h is permitted without the need to have lights on the vehicle!

Legal Age and Licence

In Morocco, all drivers must be at least 18 years old. This means that if you wish to hire a car, you must be 18 or older. Some rental companies will only hire cars to customers who are 21 years or older. Furthermore, some businesses will refuse to rent a car to a novice driver who has only had a licence for a year.

To rent a car in Morocco, you will need a passport, a credit card, and a valid driver’s licence. These documents, with their images, give genuine visual identity. It is good to know that hiring a car in Morocco does not require an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). However if your standard licence does not have photo ID then it would be advisable to have an IDP.

Fuel station at RAK

Fuel and Tolls

Gas stations are plentiful and well-maintained, even in the most rural parts of Morocco. Try to always have a half tank of fuel as a reserve for peace of mind, unless you are always staying in a city. Some roads in Morocco can take significantly longer than Google Maps indicates, so having a reserve tank is a good idea!
A good tip is to carry cash in case the rural fuel station do not take credit cards. There is usually an attendant on the fuel court and it is customary to tip the worker a few dirhams. The price of fuel is cheap and is priced in litres.
Always check the type of fuel. This can be confirmed when you pick up your vehicle from the car rental agency, or it is normally marked on the car itself near where you can add fuel.

Morocco has a number of fantastic roads that you pay to use. These are relatively cheap compared to some European toll roads. They price currently range from 10 to 60 MAD. You receive a ticket when you enter the road and pay at the toll booth upon departure of the toll road.

Roundabout Marrakech

Parking and Roundabouts

Mostly all city and municipal parking is patrolled and will have an attendant who will direct you to a space and charge you for parking and looking after your vehicle. This is advisable as occasionally you will be confronted with confusing signage and chaotic parking. A local attendant is there to assist and is well worth the small charge for his expertise.

It’s likely that you will come across roundabouts while travelling. Once you get used to them they are easy to navigate and are better than traffic light inter-sections. Some roundabouts do have a traffic light system in place and others are free from traffic lights.

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