Car Hire at RAK airport

Marrakesh Airport Parking

Short-term parking is ideal for stays ranging from a couple of hours to a few days, while long-term parking is suitable for stays over a week. The modern development of the airport at Marrakesh provides plenty of space and ample parking lots are always available both for long term parking and short term parking.


Parking at Marrakech Menara is reasonably priced. Depending on the season prices may vary slightly. As you travel through the airport, you can leave your car at the cheapest parking places near the terminal. Below is a list of current fees to park at Marrakesh airport.

1 Hour5 DH7 DH
1-2 Hour8 DH10 DH
2-3 Hour10 DH12 DH
3-4 Hour14 DH16 DH
4-5 Hour16 DH18 DH
5-12 Hour20 DH22 DH
12-24 Hour38 DH38 DH
Lost Ticket38 DH + Parking Fee38 DH + Parking Fee

Off-site Parking

There a a few independent car parking companies near Marrakech airport that provide a place to park your car if you intend to leave it for a couple of weeks or more. Off-site airport parking is often less expensive than the convenience of on-site. These provide a courtesy vehicle to take you and your luggage to the airport and will collect you again upon your return.

Cheaper options

If you are planning a holiday and wanting to leave your car at Marrakesh airport there are a variety of cheaper options available.
Online research.
Many travellers hunting for a great deal in airport parking perform a Google search for nearby independent parking venues. These offer low-cost parking away from the airport if you do not mind the inconvenience. A short journey in a taxi or an airport shuttle bus is provided to get passengers and their luggage to the airport.

Parking in a nearby hotel

Some hotels offer free parking on their premises. If you check-in the day before departure you can park your car. Try to arrange a deal to extend your parking for the duration of your trip. The hotel will likely charge but it usually is cheaper than using a long-stay car park.

Parking in Marrakesh

Crowded streets in Marrakech can make it difficult to park.

If you hire a car from RAK airport and want to then park somewhere in Marrakesh city, it is always advisable to plan ahead and be aware what to expect and become familiar with the road system and parking regulations.

Parking at one of the many shopping mall car parks is the easiest option. Most shopping centres have free parking with underground parking or in multi-storey blocks. Travellers to Marrakesh will find this very similar to what they experience in their home European city.

On-street v Secure Parking Lot

On-street parking

Recently on-street parking was expensive with parking guards charging what they like. However recently the local authority has place parking signs and signs displaying the tarrif all over the city of Marrakech with the same standard rate for both day time parking and night time parking. There is usually a limited time a car can park at the location, but this is not a problem. Look out for the ticket booths to pay for parking. It’s a good idea to always carry dirhams with you to make parking easier.

Secure Parking Lot
Parking at a dedicated parking lot have fixed rates of parking that generally are the same no matter what time of year or day you avail of their services. This is definitely a cheaper option and if underground or in a covered building provide shelter from the weather and are more secure.

Marrakesh Airport Car Rental from €9 per day