Marrakech airport Shopping

Marrakesh Airport Shopping

Passengers have access to a variety of shopping stores at Marrakech Ménara Airport to do pre- or post-trip shopping. There are three shopping areas that provide a wide selection of duty-free goods, including alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, perfumes, and numerous local Moroccan goods. Other well-known companies include Victoria Secret, Lacoste, Mont Blanc, and many others.

Whether you are departing or arriving at the airport, the shops are conveniently located to allow you to browse in leisure. There is also a dedicated duty free shop at RAK airport.

Listed below are the shops that offer airport bargains to take with you before you leave Morocco.

Atelier M

Atelier M works with Marrakech families and regional artists to create clothing and home decor accessories based on their own designs. They work together to create amazing traditional handcrafted designs that are especially crafted based on the Morocean traditions.

Therefore, all of the items they sell have been produced in Marrakech’s medina by men and women who work from home to support their families.. In this age of mass-produced clothing, many products still feature traditional hand embroidery, which gives them a distinctive and particular touch and feel.


Attitude is a popular clothing store that sells ready-to-wear brands such as Calvin Klein, Superdry, and other top brands. It’s a shop with a contemporary feel, where you can find all the fashion labels under one roof in this stylish shop.


Hudson has established a strong reputation for the excellence of its goods and its capacity to provide distinctive and cutting-edge designs. T-shirts, keychains, and magazines are just a few of the souvenirs available under the Hudson brand. So then, their T-shirts and keychains are highly respected for their unique designs and superb craftsmanship. They are designed to be durable and lasting, and they have been constructed of various materials such as metal, wood, and cloth. Last but not least, Hudson’s magazines include a variety of cultural and recreational material centred on well-liked tourist spots. They are excellent periodicals with well-written essays, excellent pictures, and a polished presentation.

The Table du Marché

A popular RAK airport eatery called The Table du Marché focuses on pastries and traditional baking. This company is well-known for the quality of its delicious breads and pastries. All of the products are freshly made on-site. Modern and eye catching this place just invites the hungry traveller to indulge the many pastries on offer. The selection of pastries available to customers included éclairs, croissants, macarons, cakes, pies, and brioches. Also, a variety of breads, baguettes and specialty breads, including cereal, nut and raisin breads, are available. For patrons who need to conduct business while dining, the restaurant has desks and free wifi.


Montblanc has built a reputation for quality. It is well-known for its leather goods, jewellery, watches, and perfumes.
All Montblanc items are of the finest quality and are made in Germany..
Therefore, because of its skill in fountain pens, Montblanc stands out. In reality, since the turn of the 20th century, they have revolutionised the industry. They create one-of-a-kind pens made of platinum, gold, or expensive wood. If shopping for gifts then Montblanc is perfect.


Japanese sushi is the speciality at Matsuri, an airport restaurant in Marrakech. It serves a variety of sushi, maki, sashimi, and other traditional Japanese dishes. Professional chefs prepare the food at the restaurant kitchen. Only the best food are prepared using traditional ingredients, giving each dish its own distinct flavour. Additionally, customers can order hot alternatives including soups, ramen, and udon. Modern, stylish, and minimalistic design highlights the food. The seats are cosy and provide an unimpeded view of the airport.
Finally, private rooms are also available for business meetings and other special occasions.


At the Marrakech airport, the Paul restaurant serves sandwiches, salads, and other snacks. Paul products are well-known for their great quality and cultural diversity. Even a basic sandwich can be a work of art at this outlet.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and snack options depending on the time of day. Chocolate bread is one of Paul’s most well-known products.


To accommodate a range of client tastes and preferences, the Segafredo cafe at the Marrakech airport offers a variety of premium grade coffee beans. Customers seeking a fast bite can choose from a variety of handcrafted Moroccan pastries such almond cakes. For those who wish to savour their coffee while taking in the expansive view of the airport, there is also an outside terrace. Basically, this is the place to be!
There are also organic and fair trade options available.

Additionally, customers can buy Segafredo coffee bean bags as gifts to take back home with them so they can continue to enjoy the wonderful flavour of Segafredo.


Starbucks’ wide selection of coffees, which includes arabicas from various parts of the world, each with a distinctive flavour, is one of its key selling points. Additionally, the company sells a variety of specialty beverages like lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and macchiatos, along with alternatives for vegan milk and other syrups. There are also hot chocolates and tea-based beverages available. Starbucks provides a variety of meals and snacks in addition to drinks, including sandwiches, salads, cakes, and pastries. Additionally, the company sells a variety of branded items such cups, mugs, and home brewing supplies.

Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher is well-known for quality sunglasses, that offer the best UV protection for the eyes.. The company offers a wide range of styles, from traditional models to modern trends, to satisfy the needs and desires of every consumer. Their sunglasses have lenses made using modern manufacturing techniques to deliver sharp and clear vision.
Several types of robust eyewear are available from Sun Catcher.

Travel Star

In the airport in Marrakech, you may buy high-quality luggage under the Travel Star brand. Their items are both trendy and classic, and are made from genuine leather.
From purses to backpacks to wallets, Travel Star offers a wide range of products that are all assured and confirmed to be of high quality.

Victoria’s Secret

The VS store at Marrakech airport has a good sizeable range from the sexy brand, providing great shopping. According to Victoria’s Secret, wearing lingerie can help women feel sexy and confident. The company wants to demonstrate that women of various shapes and sizes can be attractive by showcasing tall, athletic professional models in its fashion shows, catalogues, and commercials.

Duty Free

Marrakesh Airport has a dedicated duty free shop within the departure terminal.

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