Marrakesh airport security procedure

Airport Security

It is important to plan and know what to pack in your hand luggage before you arrive at the airport. In order to ensure the safety and security of everyone at the airport, each passenger must go through Marrakesh airport security procedures after checking in at the airport or online.

Checking in well before your departure time is advised because check-in hours differ between airlines. It is always good to be prepared with your passport and boarding pass. This will probably be a printed card boarding pass that you receive at the airline counter check-in desk in Marrakesh.

When passing through security at RAK airport

  • As you wait in line, pay close attention to the directions.
  • Be courteous, show respect.  The security officers are there to keep you safe and make sure everyone is, so don’t be afraid of them.
  • Remove any jewellery made of metal, including watches, as well as your jacket, hat, and sunglasses. Put on sensible shoes. Slip-on footwear will be simpler to quickly take off if needed. However, boots and shoes with high heels must be taken off.
  • Have your belongings neatly packed so that they may be quickly identified and taken out of the bag before going through the x-ray machine. Separate laptops, cameras, and smart phones for separate screening.
  • Bottles of 100 ml or less must be used for any liquids or gels in your carry-on bag, which must then be kept in a clear, resealable plastic bag no bigger than one litre (20cm by 20cm). If you forget, these are usually supplied at the airport.

Liquids include:

  • Liquids include:
  • Water and other drinks
  • Perfumes 
  • Creams, oils, and lotions  
  • Gels, including shower and hair gel, shaving cream, toothpaste, and deodorants    
  • Foods such as: jams, yoghurt, honey and anything else with a comparable consistency

However, it should be remembered that it is strictly forbidden to place in your hand luggage any blunt or sharp object such as penknives, scissors, knives, cutters, weapons or objects that may resemble weapons, etc. Any such item will be removed from your hand baggage at security checks and may be destroyed without compensation.

What food items can you pack going thru security at Marrakesh?

Some items that usually are permitted to take on your flight may still trigger an alert at security, hence the need for additional screening of your luggage. Make sure you pack only the items you can legally take through in your hand luggage otherwise be prepared to have such items confiscated at the security point

Below is a list of food items that can be taken on board the aircraft in your hand luggage:

Baby food – All baby food is allowed to be taken on board as long as it is packaged correctly and to a reasonable quantity. Please be aware that it needs to be taken out of any hand luggage bags and displayed separately in the security trays.
Formula or mothers milk can usually exceed the 100ml requirement as these are classed as medically necessary liquids. However, it is advised to have clear transparent bottles to transport such liquids.

Solid food – The items like bread and pasta or cereal can be stored in your hand luggage. Food items stored in cans are slightly different as they may trigger a security alert. This is because of the liquid in the cans and how they look going through x-ray scanners. It may be best to stored canned food in your checked luggage.
Be aware that cheese that is solid can be transported in your hand luggage but soft cream cheese may be confiscated if it exceeds 100ml.
Meats and seafood are allowed if it is kept cool with ice then it must be completely frozen when going through security. If the ice melts then the water has to be removed.
Ice-cream, honey, hummus, jams, syrups, juices, oils, vinegars are allowed as long as they are in bottles that have an official 100ml label clearly displayed.

Obviously for obvious reasons any sharp instruments cannot be taken through security.


Some sharp instruments for medical use and certain tools can be transported if secured safely, however such items are best packed away securely in any checked-in baggage and put in the aircraft hold.

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