Lost Luggage at RAK airport

Lost Luggage

Waiting at the carousel for your luggage can be a stressful time. Passengers generally are tired from their flight and just want to get to their hotel and relax. However, when occasionally, luggage does get lost or damaged in transit, but nowadays this is quite a rare experience. If luggage is lost at RAK Marrakech please contact the number below.

What should you do if any items are lost at the airport or if your luggage doesn’t show up on the luggage carousel?
Try not to panic! Calmly inform your airline’s lost luggage desk or their office at Marrakesh Airport right away if your luggage is missing. In most cases, personnel will be able to locate your luggage using their computer tracking systems. It’s possible that the barcode label on your luggage has been removed or has been rubbed off on the luggage conveyor system if it can’t be located on their system. They will let you know which flight it will arrive on if it hasn’t already done so at the airport in Marrakech. Your phone number and the address of your hotel will be requested by a staff member. Once it reaches Marrakesh, your luggage will then be delivered to you by courier at no additional cost.

Suggestions to prevent lost luggage

At the check-in desks of your departure airport, arrange the bags on the belt flat at baggage drop off. The likelihood of an accident increases if you store your luggage upright while it is supported by its wheels. Wheeled bags will roll about and fall on their side. Problems occur when baggage become entangled with other bags, causing obstructions and delays, or when two bags are scanned for one, resulting in one being put on the incorrect flight.

Also it is wise to add an additional identification label inside a zipped pocket of the bag, that cannot be easily removed. Staff at the airport won’t be able to identify your bag if the barcode label comes off or becomes unreadable. This emphasises the value of internal identification tags or a copy of the passenger’s trip schedule.

Airport Information Desk
Tel: +212 52 444 7910

Please contact your airline directly for information on the following subjects. You cannot get help with these issues from the airport.

  • Fares
  • Ticket changes
  • Flight schedules
  • Checking in for your flight
  • Ticket purchases
  • Missing or damaged baggage

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