Airplane reflection at RIK Marrakesh airport

Marrakesh Airport Info & Services

Lost Luggage

What should you do if any items are lost at the airport or if your luggage doesn’t show up on the luggage carousel? Please contact your airline and the Marrakesh airport information desk at +212 52 444 7910 for any lost luggage or baggage-related concerns.
If the airline’s system cannot locate your luggage, it is likely because the barcode on the destination tag has been damaged or removed. In this case, your luggage is probably still at the airport where you are flying out.
Please get in touch with your airline directly if you believe you may have forgotten any luggage or misplaced any personal items on the plane.

VIP Lounge at RAK Airport

VIP Lounges

The ideal location to get away from the hectic airport environment is a VIP lounge. Here, you can unwind with a drink in a comfortable setting, read the paper or catch up on your emails, or do nothing at all before boarding your flight.
At Marrakesh airport there are three VIP lounges. There is RAK Pearl Lounge in Arrivals at terminal 1 and also RAK Pearl Lounge at Departures, also located at terminal 1. Also there is the Royal Air Maroc Oasis Lounge located in terminal 1. It is advised to pre-book your stay at any of the airport lounges, especially during peak times, to avoid disappointment.

Shopping at Marrakesh RAK airport


The Marrakesh Menara Airport offers a wide variety of retail establishments. Located at both terminals in the departure areas. Many offer last-minute Moroccan handcraft goods. Additionally, there are some well-known eateries, a florist, a post office, and a gift shop.
The shopping at the airport provides a comfortable and enjoyable way to pass the time when waiting for your flight.

Duty Free

Duty-free shopping is a terrific option while travelling by air. Particularly so at the international airport in Marrakesh. The duty-free store at Marrakesh Airport has a wide selection of goods and brands. You can buy cigarettes, other tobacco goods, alcohol, food, cosmetics, and fragrances. Look out for special offers; they tend to change frequently and can be worthwhile.


In today’s world, being online and connected at all times is expected. Even if free roaming is offered abroad, you probably still want to connect to the airport wifi. While you’re waiting for your flight, you can use the Wi-Fi at the Marrakech Airport to browse the web or check your email. The airport in Marrakech offers free Wi-Fi connection. You will be able to access your social media accounts, check your email, and surf the web.


There are number of ATM machines located within easy access in both terminals. These machines are easy to use and will give you the local currency, the Moroccan Dirham. Remember that this is a closed currency and cannot be taken out of the country. Also there is a currency exchange shop (bureau de change) that will provide a similar service but may charge a fee for the service.


Disabled services at the airport are basic. However the airport meets the standard for disabled passengers in providing ramps and lifts to provide access to all floors in the terminals.

Passengers requiring further assistance are encouraged to contact their airline prior to departure. There are alway ground staff on hand to offer assistance. Please report to the information kiosk in the arrivals hall for information. You must let your airline know if you intend to bring your electric wheelchair, mobility device, or scooter. You should check your airline’s regulations because there may be size constraints even though there are often no weight restrictions on mobility equipment on flights.


How does the security check process work at Marrakech airport?  What can I do to speed things up at the security gate?

1/ Make sure you have your boarding pass on hand since you must scan it before passing through security.
2/ You must arrange all of your hand luggage, as well as any loose metal items like watches, hats, or jackets, on a tray so they may be scanned by the x-ray machine.
3/ After that, you must pass through a metal detector, which is an archway that resembles a door frame. They’ll ask you to inspect everything again, take out any metal objects that set off the alarm, and pass through the detector once more. You could potentially be subjected to a body search or a handheld metal detector scan, as an addition.

Smoking at the airport in designated smoking areas


There are no smoking areas allocated inside the main terminals at the airport, as smoking within the terminals is strictly forbidden. However, smoking at Marrakech Airport is only allowed outside the front of both terminals in designated areas. However once through security, there is a designated lounge for smoking and is located at Departures Gate 1.

Vaping is covered by the same law that forbids smoking in public places. However, as long as the liquid in your e-cigarettes is under the 100ml limit, the majority of airlines and airports will let you have them in your carry-on luggage. Be aware that setting off the smoke detectors with an e-cigarette will certain be detected.

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