Disability Assistance Marrakesh Airport

Disability Assistance at Marrakesh Airport

A trip to Marrakesh can be certainly a challenge if you have any disabilities. Try to do as much planning as you can to avoid totally the unexpected and receive the disability assistance to suit.
It is good to see how Morocco is improving tremendously in making major steps to improve access and accessibility across the kingdom of Morocco.

Is the airport in Marrakesh accessible to people with disabilities?

Marrakesh Airport (RAK) is totally wheelchair accessible and well-equipped for those with impairments. Throughout the airport, there are ramps and/or lift access. There are numerous disabled toilets located throughout the airport.
If you require disability assistance, you must notify your airline as soon as possible – ideally at the time of booking – and at least 48 hours before your scheduled travel.

When booking the disability support service, what information is required?

When requesting disability assistance for your travel, it is very important to provide detailed information to your airline, about all of your requirements, to ensure that your journey is hassle free. For example, please specify if you have difficulty walking, how far you can walk unaided. The airline will want to know whether you can transfer freely, and whether there are any other details the support staff should be aware of. This ensures that everything is ready for your needs, including any equipment that may be required. The vast majority of individuals book their flights over the internet. You will find a section or button labelled “passenger assistance/special needs/access requirements” at the end of your online booking procedure, before you finish your booking. It is so important that you make the airline aware of your disability. Click the button to be taken to the page so you can describe the assistance needed. This is normally accomplished by answering some simple questions and checking boxes that describe the assistance needed. If you need help or you find the page doesn’t allow you to fully describe your condition and the assistance needed, then it is usually best to telephone the airline directly.

Flying with Limited Mobility

If you have mobility challenges, you may have concerns about how to prepare for air travel and what to expect during your flight. We’ve listed some key topics for you below.

Inform your airline of your disability assistance requirements.

If you have mobility concerns or any impairment that makes flying more difficult, you must notify the airline of your requirements. If possible, this should take place at the time of booking or at least 48 hours in advance of departure.
Your information will assist your airline in making the required accommodations for you during the travel. Furthermore, the airline will notify your departure and destination airports to guarantee that you receive any support needed at both ends of your travel.

Check that you have all of the necessary documents

A fit to fly certificate may be needed from your doctor if you have a medical issue that is changeable and could present problems away from your home country. The airline that you are flying with should be able to advise on this matter.
If you are transporting medical equipment, you may require an airline approval letter or a letter from your healthcare practitioner (check with the airline ahead of time).

Flying and arriving at Marrakech Airport

You will typically be assisted by an airport employee in getting off the plane, reclaiming your luggage, and going through customs, after which you will be taken to a place where the meeting will take place. Make sure to confirm this service with the airline with which you fly.

Seating allocation

The seats and cabin structure will vary depending on the airline and aircraft. Your airline will assign you a seat that is appropriate for your individual situation. As a result, it is critical that you submit accurate information about your requirements and abilities. It is commonplace to place passengers with limited mobility near the on-board toilets as well as close to any other passengers traveling with them.. Many airlines will give travellers with limited mobility a window seat.

Travel companion

In some cases, your airline may request that you fly with a companion who will be able to assist you with particular tasks while aboard the aircraft. If you are flying solo, you must be fully self-sufficient in the following tasks:

  • Seat belt fastening and unfastening
  • If required, put on an oxygen mask.
  • In an emergency, understand the safety briefing and follow the airline crew’s instructions.
  • If required, retrieve and adjust the life jacket.
  • Toileting
  • Eating and drinking + medication administration (if applicable)

Travelling with a Guide Dog or an Assistance Dog

Service Dog
  • When flying with your guide dog, seek guidance from your local vet.
  • When travelling with your dog, seek advise from your guide dog instructor.
  • Ensure that your dog is in good health before traveling by consulting a veterinarian.
  • Arrive early at the airport.
  • Limit your dog’s water intake before you arrive at the airport. This eliminates the need for the dog to relieve itself in the airport or on the plane.
  • Before you go for the airport, take your dog for a walk.
  • check out the your country Government website for information about pet travel overseas.

Marrakech City

Marrakech with its old medina is not the best city to navigate for wheelchair users due to its busy  narrow streets and a lack of escalators and ramps. Kerbs tend to be high and pavement areas uneven so in the heat of the day can be very tiring. This is why a push wheelchair is best rather than using an electric wheelchair.


Visitors will notice that there are few public toilets in Marrakech, and most are not accessible to disabled individuals.


Public transport using buses is an option but they have a long way to go to make them wheelchair friendly. However the Moroccan people are so helpful the will willingly offer support for getting on a bus and getting off. It’s a good idea to hire a petit taxi to get you around. These are cheap and offer a 1:1 service with the driver whom will be on hand to offer practical assistance when needed.


Traveling by train is very difficult and would only be considered as a last resort, when using a wheelchair.

Hotels that provide disability assistance

While most of the newer hotels are more user friendly for people with disabilities even here the bathroom can be limited. The older riads in the old quarter are even harder to stay in, so plan and ask the hotel personnel about your requirements to stay there.

Despite what you may think, do not give up! It can be a challenge, but worth all the effort. With forward planning and a sense of adventure you can receive disability assistance, and the disabled tourist can have a wonderful time exploring Morocco and its highlights. Maybe use a reputable travel company who specialises in travel for the disabled.

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