Marrakech Airport Fast Track

Fast Track Lanes

Many airports have implemented a service enabling passengers to swiftly arrive at the airport and go through security quickly and effortlessly, providing a stress free experience. The idea of not having to queue as you go through airport security can certainly be appealing. Marrakesh Menara airport has the Fast Track service giving passenger the ability to pay for a speedy process.

This enables passengers to enjoy more time for relaxing in an airport lounge or a restaurant before their departure flight.

Is it Worth the cost?

The answer is likely different depending on your schedule, who is paying, and your circumstances. If you feel it is important to save a few minutes waiting in line at a busy airport then this option would definitely appeal to you. If you have tired children and you just want to get them settled, then yes it would likely be a good idea. However if you are travelling alone and enjoy the travel experience and have the time then maybe it would not be worth paying for Fast Track.

Marrakesh Airport Fast Track Lanes

RAK airport has designated Fast Track Lanes for it’s passengers to jump the long queues in busy periods. These are designated lanes for passengers who have paid for this service, usually through their airline at the time of booking a flight. These lanes are located in all the terminals at each of the airport security points.

There are a number of commercial companies offering the Fast Track Service at RAK Marrakech airport. They have a team that will Meet & Greet you at your arrival at the airport. Accelerate you through customs and immigration, and have a porter service for luggage handling.

FastTrack Marrakech

Fast Track Marrakesh
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +212 660 97 93 93
Address: B11 Res Da Vinci AV Mouquaouma Gueliz, Marrakech

Other Benefits of Fast Track

  • Baggage Assistance. You are helped with all personal luggage. The concierge will assist getting your luggage checked in.
  • Check-in. You will be assisted fast and efficiently with check-in at the airport desk.
  • Tax Refunds. Due to the concierge’s experience, they are aware of all the requirements for a tax refund on your purchases.
  • Security and Customs. You will be swiftly taken through the security and immigration.
  • Duty Free Shopping. The concierge will ask you what you want to buy and will be able to assist you quickly to shop at duty free, assisting with the duty free allowances for various items.