Temperatures in September

Marrakech September weather is perfect! Temperatures in September are marginally lower than in previous months, but Marrakech remains very warm. Located in North Africa in the Sahara Desert, the city experiences lengthy hot summers with extremely high temperatures in September. It is slightly cooler than in July and August, and there is some rain due to its location in the Atlas Mountains’ foothills.

The temperature is still mild enough at the start of the day to encourage tourist activities such as seeing the medina and city surrounds. With temperatures around 34° C in the middle of the day, this intense heat lasts for several hours – because temperatures remain above 30°C even after nightfall.


During the month of September, the average daily temperature is around 27 degrees celsius. This includes a possible low of 20 degrees Celsius at night and a high of up to 33 degrees celsius during the day. These high temperatures will most likely occur in the early afternoon, but double-check the current forecast.


You can rely on an average of eight hours of sunshine on any given day, regardless of temperature, giving you plenty of daylight hours to explore the area.


Throughout the month, the area receives an average of 10mm of rain, which normally falls over two days.

Marrakech weather statistics for September
September weather statistics for Marrakech